Transformation of 35kV - 550kV high-voltage circuit breaker SF6 densimeter (18 countermeasures of State Grid)

Requirements for SF6 densitometer in the operation regulations of the State Grid, DL/T596-1996 Preventive Test Procedures for Electric Power Equipment implemented by the Ministry of Electric Power on January 1, 1997: "SF6 gas densitometer (including setting value) inspection" item is included in the No. 13 of the "switchgear" section, and the test time required in the regulations is 1-3 years, after major repair or when necessary, the specific calibration time is formulated by the pilot plants in each province, Generally, it is appropriate to check at least once every three years, which is applicable to high-voltage circuit breakers and combined circuit breaker GIS of ABB, Siemens, Schneider, Areva and other brands.



PIS KYN28A-12 DNFX HVS M24 FP FBS HVX GL312 GL314 GL317 FBX High voltage circuit breaker Ring main unit SF6 circuit breaker Inflatable cabinet

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