The reporter of High Voltage Switch magazine interviewed Areva's brand operation officer's news



Areva Electric will brighten your life and accompany you for life--- Interview with Mr. Li Yanwu, Chief Brand Operation Officer of Areva Electric.

Reporter: Mr. Li, Areva Electric is a well-known brand in the power industry. Please talk about how Areva Electric has built a brand in the fierce market competition. What magic weapon can be revealed?
Li Yanwu: No special magic weapon! Areva Electric can win a place in the power market mainly by following three principles: integrity, quality and service.

Honesty is the foundation of our foothold. No matter how AREVA has changed in its business process, its brand has not changed, and its faith has not changed. There is a Chinese saying that "A long way from here, you can see the horse power, and you can see the heart". For example, in May this year, a power plant in Xinjiang had a quality problem with the vacuum degree of the high-voltage circuit breaker pole that we delivered in 2014. After confirmation, our company immediately organized the repair of materials and arranged service personnel to solve it for free. Although Areva Electric increased costs, it stuck to its commitments and won customer loyalty.

Character is a strong weapon. With years of technical experience and Six Sigma quality management, Areva Electric has excellent technology and stable quality for high and low voltage components such as HVS series high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers, AFC series frame circuit breakers, and AMC series molded case circuit breakers. The PIS central cabinet, M24 and FBS ring network cabinet also constantly introduce new ones. As President Xi said, "Forging iron requires hard work", because with the powerful weapon of quality assurance, Areva Electric can be unique in the power industry.

Service is an extension of AREVA's electrical culture. High and low voltage circuit breakers are guaranteed for free for 10 years. Areva Electric is the first company, which is a commitment and also a service commitment and team culture. All personnel inside and outside the company share the same belief: to make the best products and provide the best service, and the products handled are like married daughters, who should accompany for life. The service closely connects AREVA with its customers, becoming a family and a companion.

Reporter: After listening to the three commitments of Areva Electric, we believe that "people will be seen after a long time", Areva Electric will get better and better. Many electric power enterprises are looking for new positioning and direction in the fierce competition. In the future development, does Areva Electric have any change plans such as transformation, transformation, reform and innovation, and how can we make the brand sustainable and develop?
Li Yanwu: Areva Electric is rooted in the power industry and serves the power industry. It will not change its profession, but transformation and change are always ready. For example, Areva Electric was a traditional power equipment manufacturing enterprise before. With the development of the times, Areva Electric has transformed into a service enterprise that includes a series of businesses such as research and development, design, sales, general contracting, production, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance management of the power system. The after-sales service system has also changed from a simple offline model to a new CRM management model combining online and offline network. Areva's brand culture is emotional! "10 years of free warranty and lifelong company" is not only a commitment to customers, but also a responsibility and attitude. Areva Electric hopes to closely connect customers and our team through products and services, and become a kind of humanistic care and company. thank you!

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